Chapter 1: Almost Heroes, Page 3: Tragedy Begets Heroism - More Journalling
Posted March 9, 2020 at 12:00 pm

Another entry from Izzy's journal during freshman year

"Well I finally did it. After days of waffling back and forth I finally talked to the girl with the fancy lunches. And would you believe it she traded with me. She said almost everything tasted like food to her so it was fine. Everything just tastes like food? She had paella! I had a turkey sandwich. Sure I made a great turkey sandwich, it had spicy mustard and mayo, with gouda spinach and no crust. But she had paella! Anyway, her name is Evey. She didn't say much. I think I might have freaked her out when I kept carrying on about paella. I did see her on tv though. She used to do segments with her brother on her mom's cooking show. It was about cooking fancy things affordably. I don't think I could even afford half the ingredients that were used most of the time. Evey seems nice though. She didn't call me a supie or anything."

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