The majority of the events of StarHammer kick off in 2017, in a world very similar to our own, but in which individuals with superpowers known as advanced humans(colloquially recognized as advies) have been a fact of life since the mid-80s.

Most people keep to themselves. But due to many of the cultural traditions in place at that point a small minority style themselves as heroes and villains. 

A regulatory body of the US Gov’t, the Department of Advanced Human Affairs oversees everything pertaining to that population at large. The DoAHA establishes the Bureau of Superheroic Activity as an agency that polices, monitors and keeps the peace within and outside the advie community.


The series itself primarily takes place in Lake Erie City, Ohio. As the hub of most advanced human activity and home to the largest Department and Bureau presence in the country, the city also became renowned for its secondary school dedicated to the education of advanced human teens, the Royce Academy For Higher Education.