Master Stench
Posted July 31, 2020 at 12:00 pm

Believe it or not, Evey wouldn't consider this the worse day they've had since coming back as a superhero. Not long after they passed their hero certs, Evey ran into a villain named Master Stench. Master Stench has the ability to control odors and even wield stink as a weapon. The right combination of smells can trigger nausea and even completely incapacitate someone.

He and his goons had been steadily muscling their way into territory run by Brutal Arthur which eventually resulted into a very public scuffle between BA's henchmen and Stench & his crew. Evey breaks up this fight but not before Evey becomes the main target.

While Evey did come out on top, they were subjected to some of the worst smells they've ever experienced. What's worse is that the stink stayed on them for an entire week. They had tell school they were sick and couldn't even come in contact with anyone without them throwing up. 

So while exploding birds are much more dangerous they're much more Evey's speed. If they had to choose that is.