Another Journal
Posted June 22, 2020 at 12:00 pm

From Izzy's senior year:

"Sometimes I wish I knew how to dance. Like really dance. Not just acceptably move around in time to the beat, but for real expressing things with every part of my body dancing. Is there a version of me who dances? Someone who didn't immerse themself in superhero history & culture but instead had another passion?  Does she spend all of her time trying to get better? Or does she have other hobbies? Does she dance beautifully?

What about the version of me who's really into theater? Is she a stagehand or an actress? Does she prefer musicals? Did she achieve her dream of making it to Theater Row?

And the me that became obsessed with space mining. How's she doing? Will she become the manager of an outfit on the Moon? Not now of course, but when she's got enough experience and expertise under her belt. Maybe she'll be on one of the first crews to operate in the Asteroid Belt. 

Do they ever think up different versions of themselves? Are they thinking about me? Would they wonder if I made it?"