Chapter 2: Red Tape and Herring, Page 5: She's Got Heart - Up Late with Jack Ambrose - March 3, 2009
Posted July 3, 2020 at 12:00 pm

JACK AMBROSE: Welcome back, everybody. Our next guest is a very special little girl from Erie City, Ohio. You've seen her in viral videos and on the cover of Time. Ladies and gentlemen, Izzy Baldwin!

MARK PEARSON: I've heard she's pretty amazing.

JACK AMBROSE: Simply wonderful. Extraordinary girl. Hello Izzy.


JACK AMBROSE: How're you doing tonight? You enjoying Chicago?

IZZY: It's my first time here and it's pretty nice.

JACK AMBROSE: I'll take that. Pretty nice is practically a ringing endorsement.

MARK PEARSON: Usually code for "I don't want you to feel bad but this is garbage."

IZZY: No! I really like it here!

JACK AMBROSE: What have you done in the city so far?

IZZY: Ummm. Went to Shedd Aquarium. Visited the Illinois.

JACK AMBROSE: Oh I love the Illinois. Did you go to one of the restaurants on the observation deck?

IZZY: Mmhmm. Mile-High Pizza


JACK AMBROSE: Guess we have some fans!  

MARK PEARSON (sarcastically): Calm down, sir.

JACK AMBROSE: You ever been up there, Mark?

MARK PEARSON: Nuh-uh. Scared of heights.

JACK AMBROSE: Really? You? Can't you fly?

MARK PEARSON: I never go more than 3 feet off the ground, man. 

JACK AMBROSE: So I wanna talk about how you saved Lazarus Lee. They say it was your birthday?

IZZY: Yeah I just turned 8.

JACK AMBROSE: Only 8 years old and going up against a big villain like Bite Mark. Were you scared at all?

IZZY: I didn't really think about it. I just knew I had to do something or she'd die. 

JACK AMBROSE: But you almost died yourself!

IZZY: But I didn't! It was just the right thing to do. I don't think I could've done anything else.

JACK AMBROSE: Would you say you're a hero in your own way?

IZZY: I just wanna do what I can when I can. And I think I can do more! 

MARK PEARSON: I'd make a lousy hero. 

JACK AMBROSE: What would your superhero name be?

MARK PEARSON: Probably Baldman. Have the power to make people bald.

JACK AMBROSE: Think that's just called being a barber. Also you can already fly?

MARK PEARSON: Told ya I'd be a lousy hero.

JACK AMBROSE: You had to have major surgeries afterwards. Were you surprised by the outpouring of donations?

IZZY: Yeah they really helped. We couldn't pay for everything ourselves.

JACK AMBROSE: Now I hear you really love superheroes. So when we come back we're gonna play a little game called "Guess That Superhero". We'll have more with Izzy Baldwin and also Tommy Sinclair after this!