Journal excerpt
Posted July 10, 2020 at 12:00 pm

From Izzy's junior year:

"Evey told me she's sorry I had to drag her back home after she got drunk. She also asked why I didn't get drink anything and I didn't really know how to navigate that conversation so I said something like 'Okay I know this is random but I think one of my biggest fears is being turned into a statue and forgotten. It's right up there with finding out everything I've done in my life having been for nothing and spontaneously sprouting butterfly or moth wings. I know only one of those is remotely realistic but I feel like I live a life where any of them are possible.' And that's a weird pivot but I just had that Mideon kid on my mind and I also didn't want to admit I'm a drink wuss. That's a thing people say right? Drink wuss? I'm gonna start saying it. "