That Thing On Evey's Left Wrist
Posted March 21, 2016 at 12:00 am

So people have been curious about just what is the thing on Evey's left wrist.

(Art by Tessa Kleiner)

In short it's a bracelet cell phone.

It's an electronic multi-tool that basically works like one of those slap bracelets from the 90s.

Technology's a scooch farther ahead in the StarHammer universe than it is in ours. 

(Art by Tessa Kleiner)

We decided to think about what some tech would look like if it got a decade or so head start.

With a small bit of a 90s renaissance happening and the advent of foldable/bendable electronics the snap bracelet cell phone/multitool with sort of a jelly look just made sense to us.

(Art by Tessa Kleiner)

You've seen the bracelet lock doors, project alarms, and soon enough you'll see its phone function.

MonTech, the company that makes them, is going to be trending away from the 90s look in the future. But will keep the basic function and desgin.

When they first started making them they had a cheesy slogan, "Brace for the future"

There will be more about the technology of the world of StarHammer and even the corporate climate of this universe. But for now we hope you enjoy the page and your meal!