Anything To Save a Buck
Posted March 28, 2016 at 01:30 am

Buck Burger was created because we wanted a restaurant to help fill out the setting. We didn't want to do a take on an existing restaurant or some kind of parody either. So we came up with Buck Burger, a fast food chain started by a man named Buckminster Burger.

(art by Vondell Swain)

(art by Tessa Kleiner)

We did some visual exploration to develop the logos. We even pulled up restaurant blueprints to try to get the feel of a real fast food joint.

Then we branched out to the general look of the Buck Burger itself.

We decided to make orange and green the main colors of the restaurant to sort of sync with the theme of bucks, hunting and forests.

(art by Tessa Kleiner)

Until finally landing on the Buck Burger you've been reading about for the past few pages.

Buck Burger doesn't use venison in their burgers. They use all-beef patties, except in the Veggie Bucks and their other Fresh Buck Menu items. 

Although it's not 100%, Buck Burger's beef supply is supplemented by synthetically grown beef.

The chain expects to go 100% by 2020.

The company's slogan is "Anything to save a buck!"


And that's my time folks! I hope you enjoy this page!