Chicken Wings
Posted December 11, 2020 at 12:00 pm

I think my favorite food might be hot wings. It used to be pizza but I've sorta fallen off the pizza wagon. I think pizza is still in my top 5 but it's no longer in my top 3 which I think consists of wings, burgers, taco/nachos. I love hot wings so much I started going to a place that made me uncomfortable simply because they had all you can eat hot wings. The wings aren't even particularly great but they're the best value for the dollar. I can't seem to get a better price than 50 cents a wing unless I buy in enormous quantities and make them myself. I would consider doing that but I don't have a giant freezer. Indoor dining isn't really an option anytime soon so I better think of something.

On another note, Evey isn't the best at being inconspicuous. Which is funny to say about someone who used to be pretty unnoticeable. But lately Evey's been flashy and loud. It's just a part of how they do business. Luckily, they can be quick so they can still get the drop on someone. But otherwise it's very hard to miss them. Maybe if they hadn't been interrupted by a talking fish things could've went better.