Chapter 3: Prom Night, Page 26: Found Fish - Cats
Posted December 18, 2020 at 12:00 pm

I have two cats, Pete and Max. I've had Pete for a few years, I got Max back in May. Max doesn't like Pete at all. He always hisses in his presence and is generally scared/intimidated by him. Pete's really friendly and mostly just wants to clean Max. But they can't be in the same room as each other. It's been seven months and Max is no closer to being able to even tolerate Pete and I'm not sure what to do.

I can't keep Max in my room forever. He wants to be able to roam around. But Pete is sorta too friendly and won't respect Max's boundaries. And Max is just too scared by the sight of Pete. I was really hoping these two would get along but it seems like that's just not in the cards.

Although King Mackerel doesn't count, there are a number of people who have animated tattoos. The tech was introduced in the early 00s and really took off. Dirk Boss has an animated tattoo for example. It's something that's a bit hard to depict in a comic format but I assure you it is a thing.