New Bed
Posted December 28, 2020 at 12:00 pm

I got a bed for Christmas. I already had the mattress but didn't yet have the bed. It's a platform bed with drawer storage. That's gonna come in real handy. Although I'll only be able to open one of the drawers unless I completely rearrange my room.  And I'm probably not gonna do that.

I have a mattress pad and I can't stop it from sliding all over the place. It won't sit firmly on top of the mattress. It's really annoying because every now and then I gotta get up and reposition the pad. Apparently I can fix it if I get some big enough sheets. I did buy new sheets recently but I don't know if they'll do the trick.

Evey's never been on a game show before. They thought about doing quiz bowl but came to the conclusion that their knowledge is soft in too many areas. Despite not watching a ton of TV, Evey loves game shows. Their favorite is The Price Is Right. They like to tune in when they have the time. Evey hasn't seen a lot of classic game shows though. So they don't have a ton of context for this bit here.