Accidental Update
Posted January 4, 2021 at 12:00 pm

There was a bit of a mistake on my part and this page got published a bit early. I keep spacing on properly adjusting the time on the post. It keeps happening. But I'm gonna try to be better about it. 

Things About Orson That Didn't Make The Final Cut But Are Probably Still Canon

  • His mom was a con woman who married rich to give him the best possible life.
  • Robotics prodigy.
  • Double majored in computer science and robotics.
  • Hijacked one of the probes from the Falls of '85 from one of the school's labs to use for experiments.
  • His experiments went awry because that sort of thing was nowhere near his field of expertise
  • Accidentally mutated his roommate, Davis Dewitt as a result.
  • Formed a supervillain team with Davis
  • They arch Tessa Weaver's mom, Daphne Walker.

One day I'll get around to making that comic.