Chapter 4: First Pick, Page 11: Villains For Dinner - Tar and Feather
Posted March 22, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Tomorrow is Harry's birthday. It's also Evey's birthday. If they were a real person they'd be 20.  As noted every time I put up a birthday announcement, Harry and Evey sharing the same birthday is a coincidence. I didn't know March 23 was his birthday when I chose that date for Evey's.

Nelson Hunt and Pauline Bickford do not have a plan. They're sorta brand new to supervillainy.

When Nelson had been evicted from his apartment he crashed at Pauline's place. Friends since middle school, Nelson was like family. Pauline was all too happy to lend a hand. Nelson was in a bad way. His landlord had gotten an offer on the triplex he was living in and since Nelson was renting month to month instead of on a lease, there was nothing much he could do about it. 

After they both got drunk, Pauline suggested that Nelson blow off some steam. Nelson wasn't too interested until she put forth the idea of taking it out on his landlord. Between the two of them they could do some real damage. It had been quite some time since they'd engaged in vandalism, but they remembered it being pretty fun. If the landlord was going to sell they would be selling damaged goods.

It was a short-sighted endeavor. They left identifying evidence everywhere. But they were nonetheless satisfied with their rowdy night out destroying property, Pauline wondered why they couldn't keep this Between Nelson's goop and Pauline's projectile feathers all over the scene there's no way they'd get away with this. They were already criminals, why not go all the way and become villains. Not even for any particular reason. Just for the fun of it. Because it felt good. They were going to need names. But that was the easy part. They also would need to escalate things. They needed to make their presence known. 

Tar and Feather made their debut when they challenged some Dieselpunks to a fight. It's not hard for a couple of advies with useful abilities to roll some non-powered gang members. Unfortunately that put them smack dab in the middle of the burgeoning turf war that has arisen in the power vacuum following Superion's death. Their little hobby had put a target on their backs. They wanted to be seen but not in this way.

There had to be a way to get out of this. It'd only been a few days and they were already in too deep.  Maybe if they could prove they were a threat no one would bother them. The best way of doing that is stomping the biggest baddest dude around. But they couldn't step to the biggest villain. That would be suicide. They'd have to take down the biggest hero. Heroes are way less likely to kill. They don't even have to take them down per se. Just holding their own would be enough for others to know that coming after them would be a bad idea. Or at least they hoped that was the case. 

Maybe it doesn't even have to be the biggest hero. It could be someone connected to the biggest hero. Something like attacking Superion's children would have a similar effect. They could do more than simply attack too. Surely the remaining McCoys have nothing on Superion. It would be very easy to put them down for good and before you know it: Instant villain cred. They didn't really think it through. They just decided to go for it. The worst that could happen is prison.

To reiterate Nelson and Pauline do not have a plan. But they're hoping to make a killer impression.