Yes, She Still Has Powers
Posted April 5, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Yesterday someone asked if Danae has retained the powers she got while she was the Mallet's wielder. The answer is yes, she has. It's something that hasn't really been shown because Danae had become a less prominent character than originally planned. Initial plans had her as more of a tritagonist and she even had an entire book devoted to her. She was going to have a Chapter 4 to herself in Book 1. It was replaced by the party storyline.

But things changed and the focus became more about Evey and Izzy. So her role was significantly reduced. Which is incredible to me because when I first started writing this she was even more important than the character who'd become Izzy. In fact, one of the characters that was folded into Izzy was originally meant to be her childhood best friend. She often threatened to become the lead character in that iteration.

Here's some concept art from 2014 back when it was mostly about a teen being mentored by a washed up superhero:

(art by Kaitlin Callahan)

Anyway, to bring things back to my original point, the changes resulted in less instances where Danae could show off what she can do. I feel like I have enough Danae material to do a longform comic. I don't know when I'd do it though.