Chapter 4: First Pick, Page 19: The Unvarnished Truth - Adventure Calls
Posted April 19, 2021 at 12:00 pm

People were wondering what Evey's match percentage was. Rosawww was correct. That is Evey at the top of the last page. Their match percentage was 65%. 

I've been wanting to go on an adventure. Unfortunately, there's the whole pandemic thing and I don't really know how people go on adventures. What even constitutes an adventure? Are there exact parameters or something? Or is an adventure what you make of it?

I guess I could go whitewater rafting. There's a place about 2 hours north of here that offers tours. It's relatively inexpensive too. I could also go camping. I've never really been camping before. It also seems way more expensive than whitewater rafting. 

I just know adventure's calling and I don't exactly know what that means yet.