Chapter 4: First Pick, Page 9: Dating Darryl - Darryl Washington
Posted March 15, 2021 at 12:00 pm

There was once a time when the dynamic duo of Izzy and Evey was a terrific trio. Darryl Washington joined them for a group project in honors biology class and they all became fast friends. Darryl is kind of an uptight guy but he can be charming and funny when he relaxes a bit. He felt most relaxed around Evey, whose more laidback nature made him feel more at ease.

Darryl felt more comfortable around Evey. He felt like he could tell them anything. Like how he didn't want to take honors classes because they were too much pressure. Or how he felt like his family expected too much from him. Usually not knowing how to respond, Evey would instead assure Darryl that he wouldn't have to worry about that sort of thing from them and that they were glad he was their friend. 

This meant a lot to Darryl who felt closer to Evey than almost anyone else. He fell for them pretty hard. He tried to disguise it and for awhile he was pretty successful. He went to Izzy for advice. She told him to just go for it. She figured Evey wasn't likely to be put off by being asked out. 

Izzy didn't really do her due diligence here. It took her a bit to realize that Evey and Darryl were of two different minds when it came to their relationship. But once she did figure it out she wasn't in a rush to correct either of them thinking it was best for things to sort themselves out. She felt it simply wasn't her place to interfere. Izzy has since regretted this decision and has made it her duty to let Evey know when something like this has chance of happening again.

Rather than face what felt like endless embarrassment, Darryl simply disappeared. He felt that he was under enough stress as it is. He also wondered what else he might've gotten wrong. There was a lot to sort through and he just didn't have the emotional bandwidth to deal with it.

It ended up being a pretty difficult situation for all of them but most especially Darryl.