A First Time For Everything
Posted June 25, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Evey's never been beaten up by a gang of artificial men before. They're experiencing quite a few firsts tonight. But these past couple of months have been full of firsts. 

One of those firsts was the first time they saved someone's life. They'd done so indirectly, but had never directly stopped someone from dying. And it wasn't from a crime as you'd expect. It was from a terrible accident. 

Sandra Nowak was on the balcony of her apartment unaware of a critical failure in the support structure that held it up. She was unpleasantly surprised when it collapsed. As she plummeted towards what seemed like certain doom she was saved by Evey who happened to be on patrol in the area.

Sandra was very appreciative of course. She and Evey actually keep in touch.