Chapter 5: A Friendly Discussion, Page 7: A Controlled Descent - Black Pepper
Posted June 7, 2021 at 12:00 pm

The other day I learned what black pepper looks like while they're still growing. I didn't realize black pepper was a drupe. Harvested while unripe, they're green before they're cooked briefly in hot water and then sun dried. The drying shrivels the skin and turns it black and that's how you get peppercorns.

Apparently you can eat them before they go through this process. They've been said to taste "spicy and fresh". Unfortunately they decay pretty quickly so they can't be shipped overseas. I really want to try a green peppercorn though.

I should probably use this space more for things like lore and stuff and not just things I learn while looking at the Internet. But to tell you the truth I have a hard time relating select bits of lore to a lot of pages. I don't want things to be complete non-sequiturs. Although I've done that in the past. That's just not how I prefer to do things.