Museum Stuff
Posted March 13, 2017 at 01:00 pm

Although their lacking some of those cool silver linings, we were trying to go for those Vitrolite murals you see in a lot of Art Deco/Streamline Moderne buildings in the Midwest.

You'll see some interesting shout outs to local history up there. Like glass bottle production, the Jeep assembly line, the Miami & Erie Canal, Peter Navarre and the Brig Niagara. 

The original murals were destroyed when the building fell into disrepair in the 60s and 70s. There were many attempts to revitalize and restore it. But there were just as many to repurpose it.

In the 80s the building had been shuttered and was all but condemned, but the advent of advanced humans brought Lake Erie City back to its feet. 

The early 90s saw the restoration and redevelopment of the building. Trains returned to the terminal and the museum opened. New murals were created to tell the story of the city itself. From the Odawa on the Maumee to the City of Heroes it is today.  

Anyway, hope y'all enjoy today's page.