Just in case you can't see what those signs say
Posted March 24, 2017 at 12:40 pm

Here's a bit of transcription for those signs:

"HOW DOES HE DO IT: Are Superion’s powers mental or physical? While exactly how any advanced human’s abilities work is a subject of fierce debate, it’s believed that Superion’s are in fact mental. Yes, he’s super strong, but it’s not muscles unless you count the psychic kind. Superion is able to effortlessly lift things that are many times his weight simply by being in contact with them. He’s even able to lift himself into the air simulating flight!"

As for the two massive pictures you see: "William Scruggs, former director of the Bureau of Superheroic Activity, 1989"  & "Marlena Adams, advanced human rights advocate, 1990"

There's so much more to learn!

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