Chapter 6: Sound & Color, Page 54: Swoops & Scoops - Worse Odds
Posted May 20, 2022 at 12:00 pm

One of the worst things the team has ever faced was the evacuation of colonized moon that was about to be destroyed. The Aimeetaf is spread thin so at the time the crew could only count on themselves and one other team. It was very difficult. Between the beings who wished to remain because they felt they shouldn't interfere with fate and the beings forcing others to stay for the same reason, trying to protect sapients who wanted to leave was almost impossible That's before even mentioning the moonquakes and the collapsing environmental systems. 

Many were lost but thousands were saved. The diligence of Lore and her crew helped preserve life. The odds were definitely much worse than they are now. Things could be better though. But not every mission is going to be a cakewalk.