Chapter 6: Sound & Color, Page 68: Vouchers & Urbanized Planets - Nyre
Posted July 8, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Nyre is the de facto capitol of Ehonaruwe. There is no official capitol because of disagreements on where the location should be and other various reasons. But many fixtures of the central government have made their home on Nyre. Largely because it's where so many sapients are. Nyre is one of the most diverse planets in the entire Arm. A mix of beings and cultures from so many different systems.

Over a thousand years ago, before there were laws regulating the alteration of the environments of other planets, Nyre was a water world without a lot of land or a lot of wildlife that was recognized as being life. Its location in the center of multiple trade routes made it a refueling stop. The refueling stop turned into a sort of tourist trap. That tourist trap turned into a town. More and more sapients kept visiting and many even stayed. And it kept growing bigger and bigger.

Buildings were built to float on top of the water, but when aquatic sapients started moving in, a vast city grew under the ocean and eventually became the foundations for the megapolis above. It took about 500 years, but eventually every inch of the planet had been urbanized. And they still needed more room. Great rings were constructed to further support the population on the planet.

It wasn't long after that important things started to situate themselves there. Nyre's just kind of a magnet for these things. 

I don't think Izzy's going to be very impressed with the planet. But that's only because she's deeply worried.