Chapter 6: Sound & Color, Page 7: Power & Light - Seattle Vacation
Posted December 3, 2021 at 12:00 pm

I'm currently on vacation in Seattle. It's very nice. I can see why I wanted to live here 20 years ago. But it's too pricey now and I'm afraid of earthquakes so it's a no-go on that. Still if I ever found a way around those things I think I'd move out here. Just for a change of pace, y'know?

It's beautiful here. Public transit is also quite good. The food is delicious. I had a chowder sampler, which is like a flight of chowders, and I wish I could have stuff like that more often. And it's hard to get seafood that's as fresh as it in Seattle  in Minneapolis. Though I guess their New England clam chowder is no fresher than the ones you can find back home. But the other chowders it's not question. Definitely fresher. 

I went to MoPop on Thursday and that's a cool place. It's kind of an ugly building though. The best part was probably the hip-hop exhibition which had photos and contact sheets from the beginning of hip-hop up until now. They also played unedited music in there, which I really appreciated.

I still have a few more days up here. I'm going to ECCC today. Tomorrow I'm visiting the ocean. Sunday, the Space Needle. Busy busy busy.  Let's see how things go.