Chapter 7: The Most Heroic Person I've Ever Met, Page 5: A Friend Until The End - Movin' On Up
Posted December 26, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Speaking of times when Izzy's had someone's back, Izzy has been very supportive of Abigail skipping grades. Even though Abigail was kind of hesitant and very afraid of moving ahead. Abigail thought that she might not be able to keep up with the higher grade levels. But Izzy assured her she was smart enough.

Izzy was certain Abigail could've started college at 12 even. Abigail thought that was way too fast. She didn't want to interrupt her childhood Izzy told her maybe she should try skipping one grade first and think about a second one later. Abigail reluctantly agreed to that.

Izzy told Abigail to keep in contact with her old friends and try to see them whenever she could because they would really make the difference in Abigail's transition to higher grades. Izzy was speaking from a sort of shared experience, having lost touch with her best friend when she went to high school.

Now Abigail's getting ready to start her junior year in high school and has been able to maintain relationships with her friends from junior high, She's happy and thriving. Well, she was.