Rough times
Posted March 31, 2018 at 01:10 pm
The late 80s and a lot of the 90s were a really rough time in world of StarHammer. Though if I'm being fair times sorta never stopped being rough. But when you suddenly introduce a world to superpowers things will get a bit bumpy. There will need to be a bit of an adjustment period. For all intents and purposes October 1985 ended with an apocalypse. A revelation. Luckily, over a half of century of this kinda thing being a major staple of pop culture helped ease the transition a bit more than one would've expected. 

Vivian Singh was part of the initial interagency task force that sought to bring US law enforcement and superheroes closer together. Vivian was a natural fit due to her apparent immunity to telepathy and mind-control. She proved to be an indispensable asset and helped start a program that hoped to find and train others who shared that immunity.

Bill Scruggs, one of that highest-ranking members of that task forc, went on to be one of the founding members of the Bureau of Superheroic Activity and its first director. His legacy still lives on in the Bureau.

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