Chapter 8: Take The Long Way Home, Page 33: A Bit Of A Breakthrough - Belated Birthday and Fun Art
Posted November 17, 2023 at 12:00 pm

It was my birthday last Tuesday. Which means it was Izzy's birthday. She'd be 23 if she were a real person. Though she's like almost 25 in the comic right now. Much like when we started, the comic is now 2 years in the future. 

A friend of mine drew some gift art. While another friend drew a picture for an OC meme that's unconnected to my birthday. I should've posted these last week, but I literally forgot. And in the case of the OC meme, it didn't exist yet. 

(art by Nanabirdie)

(art bv Krispy)

Thank you Nana and Krispy.