Chapter 8: Take The Long Way Home, Page 48: The Backup Plan - Late Messages and Criminal Records
Posted March 8, 2024 at 12:00 pm

Sorry for not posting anything sooner. It's something that completely slipped my mind. But yes. The crew will definitely have criminal records now. They'll lose their standings in their jobs and will be retained in a diminished capacity. There's so few Aimeetaf left that they won't be outright fired. But they won't be able to choose assignments or be allowed to do things without strict supervision. And they will no longer have the privilege of their  current positions. They will be disciplined. 

They can't exactly quit either. They're bonded to their gedutu for life. But they might be able to find other things to do with their lives when not on missions to help people. Remember that all have special skills of their own.