Guest Comic: Vincent Riley - Climatt
Posted October 23, 2020 at 11:59 am

Special thanks to my friend, punchyninja for doing this awesome guest comic for the fifth anniversary of StarHammer. I think he did an absolutely wonderful job here. 

Believe it or not, Matt Raebels is not actually a villain. But he does play one on TV. He's made a career of playing villains. In fact, he's in costume right now.

Specializing in atmospheric effects, Matt got his start as an FX tech but found himself drawn to the limelight. He auditioned for a small part as a wizard's underling in a fantasy film and made such a great impression that he was asked to try out for the antagonist in an advie gangster movie. Matt was a hit.

Coming with his own effects made Matt a go-to for smaller, cheaper productions. Matt kinda became a stock character all his own. His abilities got him the nickname Climatt. And whenever you needed a guy with weather powers, he was the one for you.

His most recent role is as Dr. Nimbus on the hit superhero dramedy, Run On, Richard! There was a delay during an on-location shoot and Matt decided he wanted to satisfy a craving even if he was in costume and he wasn't gonna wait for some assistant.

Not paying attention, he inadvertently cut the line in front of Evey. This prompted Evey to object. Another thing about Matt, he has a bit of a temper. And Evey not being one to de-escalate a confrontation ended up causing another dust-up at Buck Burger. To make matters worse, Evey doesn't know who Matt is. They think he's an actual villain. And Izzy thinks that an actor is making their villain debut.

The crap Buck Burger employees have to deal with, I tell ya.