StarHammer returns on March 2nd!
Posted February 14, 2020 at 12:00 pm

It's official! StarHammer returns on March 2nd! New book! New lead! New enemies! A whole lot of new! 

But before we move on to the future let's take some time to look to the past. 

Back in 2015, StarHammer had a completely different art team. Due to mitigating circumstances, Clay Lindvall, one of the principal members of the team, had to move on. A mutual friend of ours, Vondell Swain, joined soon after and put together a test page for how the comic would look. 

You may recognize this as a condensed alternate version of pages 22 - 26 of Chapter 1

You'll notice that nobody's wearing their school uniforms. In fact, you'll notice that nobody's design is quite how it appears in the final product. You can easily see how different this would've been from the comic we know today even if it hit many of the same story beats. 

Vondell eventually had to leave the team as well. But he's earned a lot of gratitude for the work he did to help get the comic on its feet.