Posted August 19, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Danae is not the daughter that her mother Angela wanted. In Angela's own words, she's "disappointing". Very bright but not the kind of smart Angela was looking for. Meanwhile, Sybil is very much the daughter Angela wanted. A child prodigy with lots of potential and interest in astronomy and astrophysics.

Danae is also interested in astronomy. Not so much astrophysics though. Danae actually loved astronomy, but more because of her dad. An English professor who loved to stargaze, Henry wanted to share that joy with his daughter. They'd drive out to the country and look up at the skies. Henry would make up his own constellations like Jerry Orbach as Billy Flynn in Chicago or Arthur Ashe at the US Open. He would also make up his own interpretations of existing constellations. Danae knew about the actual stories but she loved hearing her dad's versions. One of her favorite things was seeing the Perseids in August just before her dad got busy again at Golden State University.

After Henry died, Angela quit the university to take a job in a nascent xenology program in Lake Erie City. Danae was uprooted from everything she knew. Displaced from the West Coast to the Midwest and living with the parent who didn't seem to like her very much. She had a hard time fitting in and to make matters more complicated, Angela takes in another girl and lavishes her with attention and praise. After a certain point, Danae all but has to raise herself.

Danae decides if she can't excel in a way that her mom cares about she'll do things her own way. Luckily for her, she wasn't bad at this superhero thing she started doing. in her spare time lately. She'll see how far she can take things.