Posted July 20, 2020 at 12:00 pm

This is just a repainted Marvelous Melody body with a Nightsparker head. Marvelous Melody and NIghtsparker are fictional superheroes by the way. They're the lead characters in two separate popular teen dramas, Songbird and Graveyard Shift.

Neither show is actually about superheroes, that's just an aspect of the identity of the characters. Songbird is about an aspiring singer-songwriter trying to land their big break without using her powers. Graveyard Shift is about a young woman who works at a convenience store for supernatural creatures.

Superhero figures enjoy great sales and are usually pretty popular with tv show fanbases. If any show happens to have a superhero in the cast they will usually make an action figure even if it's only as a limited edition collectible. American audiences just go crazy for them.