Kickstarter delay
Posted August 31, 2020 at 12:00 pm

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the StarHammer kickstarter has been delayed until next year. There will also be some changes. Book 1 will be split across two volumes instead of combined into a single book. Printing limitations being what they are, we can't really make Book 1 a single book without making reading more cumbersome. 

There might also be two separate Kickstarters. One for part one of Book 1 and another for part two. Once again, the circumstances at the moment have presented a challenge that may make doing a single Kickstarter unfeasible. 

We're really sorry about the delay. But there will be some perks.

There'll be bonus comics, a concept art e-book and we're hoping to do charms and even a pin. The e-book should be a real treat. We have quite a bit of concept art. Much of it has never been seen before. 

The hope is to launch early next year. So stay tuned for more updates.