Posted October 30, 2020 at 12:00 pm

Evey's been going by they/them for 8 months. It hadn't really occurred to them that that was an option before. They maintain that had they known earlier they would've been going by those pronouns the whole time. To them it seemed as natural a fit as when they discovered they were aro-ace. Evey has never felt particularly attached to any gender. Gender as a concept was like receiving postcards from a faraway land that they'd never get around to visiting. 

They've been slowly easing into being open about their pronouns. And while they haven't decided to go public yet, they're fine with people at school knowing. Their family also knows and are pretty okay with it. Though they often slip up every now and then. Izzy, of course, has known since day one.

Evey does want to avoid interactions like this if they can help it. But they probably have a bunch more ahead of them.