Chapter 3: Prom Night, Page 22: Atompunks - Punks
Posted December 4, 2020 at 12:00 pm

A notable part of LEC's criminal underworld are the various punk gangs. Each align with the aesthetics of sci-fi literary subgenres. You have your Atompunks who take their cues from 50s influence and marry it with the modern. There's the Steampunks who are self-explanatory. (No, the Lass Twins are not members of the Steampunks). Then you have the Dieselpunks whose methods and aesthetics are rooted in 20s and 30s-based retrofuturism. That's not even mentioning the Biopunks and Cyberpunks. 

Their presence has lessened in the last few years but they made a lot of trouble in the 00s. More than a few were bored nerds. But a lot of it was normal criminals getting ahold of tech that allowed them to step up their game in a world where superheroes and supervillains exist. It was also a way to make themselves heard. A lot of them have some legitimate grievances that would otherwise be ignored if they came from anyone without a gimmick.

Things aren't going to change overnight. Mostly because they already have. But I do believe there's some common ground to be found with the Punks.

Battlebots came back last night and me and my roommates finally found out who won the Giant Nut in 2019. It looks like it's shaping up to be an interesting season this year. Though there's some bots that have me wondering how they're gonna compete against. more capable teams/machines.

I was a little disappointed that Faruq didn't give every bot a grand introduction and was even rushing through the intros for a few of them. But I am glad that my roommates saw the newest Battlebots commercial so they can know my pain.