Chapter 4: Loosey Goosey, Page 25: Party for the Ages - Fanart Competition Winners Announced on Monday! Birthdays! Chapter 4 Continues!
Posted November 4, 2016 at 01:15 pm

The fanart competition has ended and winners will be announced this Monday!

But we still have a few entries to share with you!



(art by Stevie Doan)

(art by Laurel Doan)

(art by Leon Doan)

(art by Ridah Shaik)


(music by Guilherme Carvalho)

And my birthday (and Izzy's too!) is on Monday. I'll turn 30. And Izzy would finally be reaching the age she is in the comic right now. 

Monday also brings us the back half of chapter 4. We really hope you enjoy it.