Chapter 5: A Friendly Discussion, Page 1: A Nice Game Of Checkers - Prisons
Posted May 14, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Over the past 10 years there's been changes in how prisons are constructed. They're more comfortable for prisoners for one thing. For another thing a lot of them are alive. Reverse-engineered from biotechnology recovered from the Salaarnien Incursion, prisons are spaces that naturally suppress the power of advies with no ill effect on the inmates.

Many prisons are also able to think and feel. They're not artificial intelligent, they're actual lifeforms. Grown, not built, they're used as housing in many of the societies that make up the Salaarniens. Self-contained and self-sufficient ecosystems that are capable of producing their own food and power. In the right set up they can even provide clean water.

There are still guards. The human approximation of this tech is still somewhat spotty and doesn't work perfectly. So there are some gaps where powers aren't even dampened at all and trouble can start.

Orson Lindsay escaped from one of these by infecting it with an actual virus and making it too sick to function and then instigating a riot. His prison was nicknamed the Furnace because of its location in the Arizona desert.

This one is nicknamed Bessie because of its proximity to Lake Erie.

Prisons have been completely transformed since the Incursion but they're still places that nobody really wants to be.