Chapter 5: A Friendly Discussion, Page 31: A Good Time To Run Away - Anger Issues
Posted August 30, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Evey doesn't really share Izzy's issues with anger. It's more of a coping thing then a virtue thing though. Evey tends to let things go, while Izzy holds on to things and bottles them up until they can't stay in her any longer. She usually feels embarrassed and ashamed after an outburst. She's even cried about it on occasion. 

This is not to say that Izzy's having a temper tantrum every month or something. That's not a very Izzy thing to do. But you do not want to be in her way when anger gets the best of her. It happens less often now than it has in the past now that she feels comfortable enough to vent to Evan. But they haven't completely gone away.