Posted September 3, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Evey is painfully shy. They get a lot out of social situations but it takes a lot of work to get them there in the first place. They're always worried they won't be able to sustain a conversation or might do something extremely stupid. It's something that developed in their preteen years. Prior to that they were much more outgoing. They only recently started coming back out of their shell. A lot of that is due to becoming StarHammer. But it's still a bit of a struggle because a lot of that is the usual "fake it til you make it" behavior. 

This is part of why they hit it off so well with Izzy. Izzy was extremely friendly and didn't mind carrying entire conversations. She was also just genuinely supportive. It was Izzy who encouraged her to try out for the swim team. And it was Izzy who was totally certain they could pull off a routine for the talent show. Of course, sometimes Izzy can be too supportive and for the wrong reasons, but it was generally in Evey's best interests.

Meanwhile, Evey is very good at keeping Izzy tethered to the ground. They stopped Izzy from going on a crusade to be able to force the school to let her take advie physical education. They also put firm limits on what was actually possible for the talent show routine. The two often complement each other. Although sometimes they come up a bit short.

It's reasons like this that Evey's not going to give up just yet. There's still something there and despite issues in the immediate and not-too-distant past, they're willing to do what it takes to salvage this whole thing.