Chapter 6: Dream Job, Page 20: A Sense of Belonging - Minnesota Fan Fest
Posted August 14, 2017 at 07:55 pm

A reminder that I'll be tabling with Z Akhmetova, the creator of Gods Can't Die, at Minnesota Fan Fest this weekend in Saint Paul at the RiverCentre. We'll be located at AA17. Come drop by if you have the chance.

Just getting home from seeing Brigsby Bear. That movie was kinda weird but I also kinda love it. 

I really gotta work on my pitching skills I think. I feel like I'd have much better opportunities if I could nail the science and the art of pitching. 

Only 4 more days before I finish this phase of the light rail program. The next phase is gonna be super intense. I hope I can make it through (I probably will).

I must warn you all that most abandoned looking facilities in the woods probably do not lead to giant underground labs. So maybe just avoid those, yeah?

Hope you all enjoy today's page!