Chapter 6: Dream Job, Page 22: Ex-Nonvict - Low Sales & High Fun
Posted August 21, 2017 at 02:00 pm

I didn't really make any money at Minnesota Fan Fest but I did get to hang around a lot of cool people. And isn't that what cons are really all about?

Contemplating going to Hawaiicon but the plane ticket is so expensive. The room is comped though and I'm already listed as a guest.  But the whole deal will cost me 1200 bucks once all is said and done.

Was worried I'd miss the eclipse but I got to see some of it through a Speedglas. That was cool.

First day of school was alright. But now I'm waiting for my shift at work. Gotta get up at 3:45 AM and leave at 5 AM don't get home til probably around 11 PM. Gonna take a bit of time to adjust. 


Hope you all enjoy today's page!