Action Figure
Posted January 21, 2022 at 12:00 pm

This Lazarus Lee figure was Izzy's favorite toy. She got it for Christmas the previous year. She doesn't always feel the need to take it everywhere. But today seemed special enough that it didn't feel right to leave it at home. It was actually more than her favorite toy. It was her most valued possession. It's still in her room even. It's in its original box underneath her bed. 

Lazarus Lee is more of a local favorite than nationally known. People really like seeing her around and there was already bootleg merchandise bearing her likeness. A friend suggested making official merchandise to have a bit more control and open up a new revenue stream. She teamed up with an LEC-based company to print up a bunch of figures and her friend went around town and urged shops to sell them along with other stuff. It was a pretty decent success. She made more off merch that year than her salary as superhero and way more than her wages as a barista at Brewed Awakenings. 

Izzy has a complicated relationship with this figure. She couldn't really make herself get rid of it. But she also didn't want to put it on display or anything. It's still very special but also kind of a painful reminder. Her family has resolved to keep it.