Superhero Fights
Posted January 17, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Not everyone in LEC has seen a superhero fight. They happen pretty frequently which is to be expected because LEC has the most superheroes and supervillains of anywhere on the planet. (Although not the most per capita. That honor goes to Fort Wayne, Indiana.) But they don't happen so much that it would be impossible for anyone who lives there to have not seen one. 

Some people consider having never seen a fight a point of pride. To be fair, there's a few folks who have reached quite an achievement. They've gone decades without witnessing one. That's pretty impressive in its own ways. But more than a few are kinda smug about it. They even fashion aspects of their personality around it. It can be really annoying. 

Izzy's definitely not one of those people. By this point in her life she's seen at least ninth. She got into superheroes before she saw her first battle, but seeing one in person pushed them from childhood fascination to borderline obsession. It was a fight between Crepuscular Ray and Sculptor. Izzy really wanted to know why Crepuscular Ray didn't seem to have powers at night. She got really into studying heroes and villains after that. At first, she had to rely on her parents. But it wasn't too long before she could do some on her own. 

This is the closest that Izzy's ever been to a fight. At the moment she thinks it's the best birthday gift ever.