Chapter 6: Sound & Color, Page 37: Armed & Encouraged - Birthdays And Vasddoo
Posted March 21, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Wednesday marks a special day. It's both Harry's birthday and Evey's birthday. As I've stated multiple times in the past, the fact that their birthdays are the same day is purely a coincidence. I pretty much picked March 23rd at random. I didn't anticipate that my then-future collaborator would actually have that birthday. Evey would be 21 if they were a real person. Harry will be 35.  

Vasddoo comes from a culture that doesn't have a superhero tradition. There are stories of beings with extraordinary abilities but none of the trappings we associate them. No costumes, no sworn enemies, and almost none of the theatricality. There's more of a focus on self-improvement for the betterment of everyone. A particular emphasis is put on becoming really good at a necessary skill, trade, or craft. This became an even more urgent thing after beings all over the planet started gaining powers from alien probes that crash landed to the surface. Best to direct these new energies to the correct outlets.

Cooking was a skill that was taken care of in the community Vasddoo grew up in. But she thought something was missing. The food was adequate but Vasddoo felt her community was missing out on truly great food. So she dedicated herself to putting it out into the world. Perhaps she would've gotten further had she not been recruited into the Aimeetaf. Having never been affected by the probes and also possessing a certain kind of drive, she was an ideal candidate.

While her service did sidetrack her quest, it ended up being to her benefit. She was able to pick up things she never would've back home. Like taste-reading from the warrior-chefs of Prevwix or match cooking from the restaurants on Interplanetary Row on Reepdule Space Station. Even during the Salaarnien War, Vasddoo would still acquire new cooking skills. 

After the war, Vasddoo eventually made it back home. But she wasn't satisfied with doing what she originally set out to do. She still felt restless and had a major case of wanderlust. So she went back out to space. She was assigned to Lore's ship. She often finds herself for all kinds of folks and every now and then she picks up a thing or two.