Chapter 6: Sound & Color, Page 38: Ships & Shuttles - The Wlelehar
Posted March 25, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Izzy's never seen the Wlelehar, the ship she's been living on these past few weeks. She couldn't even imagined what it would look like on the outside. It's a bit bigger than expected. She has no idea why a crew of this size would need a ship that big.

What she doesn't know is that it comes in handy for mass evacuations. The crew has conducted more than their fair share of those. They also have a ship this big because at the time it was one of the remaining few StellaPort-capable ships available after the war. Most of the others were already claimed and a great many of them had been destroyed. Since then the fleet has grown but it hasn't returned to the levels it retained over a century ago.

It's a good ship. Lowrgaut-class. Commissioned 60 years ago and hasn't lost the beat. It's seen a lot of things over the years. It was there for the Fall of Remuttzz. It was part of the Battle of Demquist. Some say it's even gotten beyond the Arm. But there's been no actual proof of that.

Lore was offered a new ship last but she and her crew couldn't part with this vessel. Their first home after the war. They had gotten everything just how they like it. Made it homier than other ships. Something they could call their own. It was theirs. 

Maybe in a little while, Izzy will consider it hers too.