Chapter 6: Sound & Color, Page 40: Holograms & Distress - Messages From Space
Posted April 1, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Sending a distress message into space can be fraught with difficulty. Especially when there might not be anyone close by. And definitely because a lot of infrastructure, resources, and personnel have been depleted. It's often as much of an act of faith as it is a call for help. 

It's not hard to record a message. The real difficulty is making sure the message can be received in the StellaPort network and travel quickly enough through interstellar space. Sending messages faster than light always required a bit of help. Relays at various points of space and subspace were necessary to carry them to where they need to be. But the war resulted in destroyed relays and huge gaps in the system. Rebuilding them has been a slow-moving process. Messages often don't get where they need to go.  There is an experimental technique that can boost a message without the relays but it often ends up degraded in some manner that can render it useless. The technique also requires an enormous amount of energy.

There's always the chance a call may come from a place that isn't close to any sort of local emergency services. There used to be more sapients that could fill these voids. The Aimeetaf was full of such beings. But as things are there's not as many anymore. A controversial restoration program was started 50 years ago deep in the middle of the war to help combat that issue, but it has had many problems that are only recently being overcome. 

In a way you can say that Yarseev's faith was rewarded. But they'll probably just count themselves as very lucky.