Chapter 6: Sound & Color, Page 42: Surfaces and Outposts - Travel
Posted April 8, 2022 at 12:00 pm

There's lots of beautiful places in the worlds. Many of them on planets and moons that are uninhabited by sapient life. So there's no one around to see them. There's been a number of space tourism businesses that have dabbled into travel to such places. But none have been very successful in the past century or so.

There were plenty of popular travelogues that made mention of many sights worth seeing if one should happen to be able to make it to their locations. Places like the Obsidian Tree on plains of Fhþae, the remains of an ancient volcano that eroded away leaving behind glass that had formed in its chambers when its magma cooled. There's the Inverted Falls in the cliffs of Xopllewa  , high winds and low gravity causes this gentle waterfall to fly upwards rather than plunge over the side. Then there's the nightly auroras of Situtys that cover the entire moon. That's before visiting any of the many nature preserves dotted throughout the systems

During the war, travel to such places steeply declined. Now that it's over it hasn't really recovered to pre-war levels. There has been greater interest in better exploring inhabited worlds. Especially now that many more worlds have joined the Hioeyn. But in time sapients will return to see these wonders among the stars.