Allergic To Silence
Posted June 13, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Entry from June 2018:

"I hate working with Kerwin. He never shuts up. I mean, I know I talk a lot. Like a whole lot. But Kerwin seems like he's allergic to silence. He never talks about anything interesting either. It's always about something he and his dumb friends are up to. They do pranks for their POV channel. So between every fresh popcorn bucket and pop refill, I gotta hear about how Tad can control a water fountain remotely or that Funks removed friction from the sidewalk. Do people actually like this sort of thing?

Work's fine otherwise. The Andersons are pretty nice. They finally got back to me about that Chance Champagne thing and they said they're going to ask around for a print. That should be exciting. 

Speaking of exciting things, those Akira screenings were pretty popular. Sold out for each show. Mrs. Anderson said that they'd do a special screening for employees this weekend. Nobody anticipated such demand. I wonder if I could convince Alicia to come?

I gotta go in early tomorrow. I'm so glad Kerwin won't be there"