Posted June 17, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Normally I'd write some kind of lore-related thing here or something, but today I want to bring up something important. There might need to be a hiatus or break from the main story at the end of Chapter 6. I've been dealing with some pretty severe burnout and I need to recharge I apologize It's just where circumstances are at the moment.

But this doesn't mean that the comic is ending and it may not even mean that I'll stop updating. I was wondering what y'all would be interested in seeing in place of the comic. Would you want to see an AU chapter? I've had this idea for a "StarHammer adapted into an early 90s movie" type story burning a hole in my head for awhile. Would you rather learn more about the world of StarHammer or maybe focus on a character we haven't really put much of a spotlight on? We could also do something completely different. Like a short glimpse at another comic entirely. I have another idea that involves a cursed comic writer becoming a witch's apprentice. Tell me what y'all wanna see and I'll try to work on making that a thing. 

There's also Q&As and other stuff we can do. I just don't want to leave you guys with nothing. 

Once again, I'm sorry. But this is what I can do for now.