Projectionist Goals
Posted June 20, 2022 at 12:00 pm

From June 2018:

"Alicia keeps making recommendations because I loved Akira. She has a really long list of stuff I've never heard of before. Like John Carpenter's The Thing and something called The Fly. She says there's two of that last one so I should make sure I pick up the right version. She says she wishes she had my job. You know, I guess I didn't know she loved movies so much. I guess that makes sense. She did show me a lot of stuff growing up. But she never really let on how into it she is. It's actually kinda cool. I should invite her to more films at the job.

Speaking of the job, except for Kerwin, it's been going well. I have a new goal now. I want to be promoted to projectionist. I know it probably won't happen any time soon but I hope it happens someday. I specifically want to run the film projector. I don't know. There's something magical about it. I know it's like old-timey and stuff but being able to be that involved in the process. Seeing Rhonda switch the reels without missing a step. And with no interruption in the projection. I want to be that good one day.

I'm also glad to be working at the Twin because it's air-conditioned. It's gonna be really hot tomorrow. I don't really want to be at home."