Chapter 6: Sound & Color, Page 64: Multicolored Tornadoes & Deep Cuts - Real Life Celebrities
Posted June 24, 2022 at 12:00 pm

From June 2018

"That weird guy came in again today. It's wrong for me to call him weird. He's just some guy living his life. But I don't like the vibe I get off of him. He doesn't have powers or anything. He doesn't look different than the average person. I feel like I have to explain to myself why I don't like him because it seems crazy. But there's this heavy skeazy  factor going on or something. Like that guy in the travel commercials who's like handsome but suspicious. I dunno. There's something about him. I can't figure it out. 

Speaking of people coming in lately, I saw Lazarus Lee today. She wasn't Lazarus Lee at the time though. She was Danielle Chang. Ugh, I'm not sure if I should even be writing this down. I swore that I'd never tell anyone her secret identity. But this should be okay, right? 

Anyway, she came in and she was just doing regular people stuff. She was with her wife and they went to see Die Hard together. I had to be careful not to call her out her name. But I seriously almost blurted it out without thinking. I have to respect her privacy though. She had to pretend to not know me. It was strange. I guess the strangest thing is realizing that heroes have lives outside of their jobs. I mean of course I've always known that. I work with a superhero even. This is common sense. But I've never really sat and thought about it. There's a lot of things I know that I don't think too much about. It's actually like I don't know all that much about anything"